We started our activities in the mechanical installation industry in Azerbaijan in 2003 by gathering our past experiences under AEM Group in order to provide accurate and quality solutions to our customers. We have further expanded our fields of activity by adding different branches such as electric-electronic installation, industrial treatment installation, architectural solutions, and construction draws in line with our customers’ demands. We continued to move forward by adopting a global perspective with the companies we established in various countries and integrating our “reflecting excellence” principle into our business.

We have succeeded in projects of an average of 3,000,000 m2 as indoor areas from malls to hospitals, from industrial facilities to hotels, from business centers to private residences.

Our head office operates under FORMCOND in Azerbaijan, and we continue to grow with FORMMEP and ART LINE in Azerbaijan, MAKROTERM, and AEM GROUP in Turkey, AEM MAKRO in Belarus, MPA in Ukraine, and finally INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS in Georgia and with 300 personnel.

We provide services in the fields of design-project design, budget work, project implementation, and consultancy in the Mechanical, Electrical-Electronics, Industrial Treatment, and Construction/Architecture industries with our professional PROJECT unit consisting of engineers and technical personnel specialized in each field.

We have created sales stores and expanded our distributor network and enabled our SALES unit to offer corporate and retail solutions with the official distributorship agreements we have made with MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, one of the world’s largest air conditioning companies, and HAFELE, one of our architectural solution partners. We also established OUR MAINTENANCE SERVICE unit and reflected our customer and solution-oriented service approach to our business with our 24/7 after-sales satisfaction principle.

We continue our activities as AEM GROUP, which includes companies from 5 different countries, by turning to the future, technology, and workforce with our dynamic and young organizational structure following innovations and always aiming to “ensure full integration with the world.”



We keep ourselves up to date by following world standards, new technologies, and implementation programs.


We take care to stay young and dynamic, each with our expert team structure in your field from engineers to the technical team

24/7 Support

We aim to continue the productivity of our customers after the project with our after-sales support team.

Excellent projects arise when knowledge, work, research, development, order, trust, and peace come together.